We know you have questions. Here are some that we have been asked before, and may be helpful to you. Please call us (704-248-5100) for more information.

What is an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is when both parties have no outstanding issues regarding the divorce. Certain rights under a divorce such as Alimony or Equitable Distribution of the marital property can only be invoked before the divorce. Other issues, such as Child Support and Child Custody, can be settled at any time but it often makes sense to take care of them before the divorce. Many times the parties have worked out a separation agreement settling any issues before coming to us, though many other divorce there are no issues to take to court and both parties simply want to be divorced. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about this.

What if my spouse contests my divorce?

We only handle uncontested divorces. If your spouse responds in any way and says that issues of the divorce are not settled, we may have to dismiss your case.

How long will the divorce take?

Normally, the divorce is complete in about 60 days. We cannot guarantee a time a period because factors outside our control may delay it, such as a failure to timely return documents or sometimes judges take longer than normal to review the divorce.

How much does a divorce cost?

We charge a flat rate of $150 for our standard services. Court costs are $245.  If you cannot afford to pay the court cost, and can prove that you are receiving public assistance (such as food-stamps), we may be able to get court costs waived. NOTE: This fee is based on an uncontested divorce that your spouse cooperates with you to obtain. If your spouse will not cooperate, there will be additional expenses. Contact us to discuss those expenses if you think your spouse may not cooperate. NOTE: Because most of the work we do is in the initial phase of our divorce process, once we prepare your documents and send them to you, our fee becomes nonrefundable.

Can I change my last name to any name that I want?

No. You may only change your name, as part of a divorce, to either your maiden name or a previous married name. The previous married name option can only be used if you currently have minor children from that marriage.  To choose any other name, you have to petition the court in a separate process (action) other than the divorce process that you are using us to facilitate.

How can I contact you?

You can call us at 704-248-5100 during our business hours. If you call after hours, please let us know a good time to return your call. Also you can fill out the contact form, and we will contact you to get additional information or answer any questions. Our email address is info@divorcesnc.com.

What if my spouse lives in another state?

As long as you have lived in NC for more than six months the divorce can be filed in NC.

My spouse and I have children together, can we still use your services?

Yes. The children will be referenced in the divorce. Children will not affect your ability to obtain an uncontested divorce.

Do you handle child custody or child support?

No. An uncontested divorce will not affect either spouses right concerning child custody or child support, or any agreement recorded in a separation agreement. If you think you may need to go to court to help you settle those matters, contact us for more information.

Do you handle equitable distribution or alimony?

No. The type of divorce that we focus on could potentially affect your rights under equitable distribution and alimony. If you think you may need to go to court on either of these matters, contact us for more information.